A steam powered fight to the death!

November 14th, 1867

After receiving the flyer, through various means, the adventurers left for the meeting at 1 Blackfriar’s Bridge to be on time. At the address, they found a tavern for all classes. On the main floor was a very upscale bar for the middle and upper class with firelight chandeliers, private rooms along the back wall, and a very well stocked bar along the side. The lower class pub was in the basement, only accessed by a stone staircase about 20 yards or so to the side of the pub, near the construction of the new bridge. Upon descending the staircase, lower class miscreants follow a boardwalk to the tavern’s basement. A short stone wall separates them from falling into the river. Outside of the basement’s entrance is an Ogre “bouncer.” Not very bright but does know when to throw troublemakers out. The bar itself is relatively well maintained but still grimy with a cheap bar in the back. Torches line the walls and crudely cut tables and chairs fill the rest of the room.
The adventurers go to their respective levels at 10PM sharp. In the basement, Stas and “Cat” find a large crowd surrounding a table with a donkey Beastman at the head. At 10PM, he begins to explain the prerequisites for working for “his employer” but is interrupted by a crash from upstairs. He runs out with Stas, “Cat”, and another pub member following, though the third soon realizes he doesn’t care and goes back to the pub.
On the main level, Reynard enters the only backroom whose door is open and finds a few gentlemen sitting around a round table with a woman at its head. He joins them and waits. Lady Cynthia and Johnathon decide to wait in the main bar, sitting near the back room’s door. At 10PM, the young woman begins to describe the prerequisites of working for “her employer” when she is interrupted by a crash in the main bar.
A group of human bandits with 1 ogre have entered the bar, announcing their entrance with a loud crash that threw open the door, shattering the glass pane. The ogre bellows that they are looking to have pockets emptied and valuables deposited into the sacks each thief is carrying. There is a pause in which Reynard, Lady Cynthia, and Johnathon react to what’s happening. During this time, the lower class members reach the main bar.
This is a bit of futile fighting between the adventurers and the bandits but the bandits are finally dispatched by warnings to leave. As the bandits were not expecting a fight (which they weren’t going to get from the upper class pansies), they see fit to leave, taking whatever they managed to grab already with them. The donkey man and woman leave the bar and the adventurers follow.
“Your bravery and skill were admirable. We came here tonight to recruit some help. You may have heard…” The adventurers nod and mention the flyer. “Well, seeing as you actually stepped up to the task and succeeded, we’d like to hire all of you. Your orders will come within this week to you. Don’t worry, we’ll find you.” Then everyone left for home, because they’re lame-o’s.

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